Hadithers and Present Day Quranists are Deviant Sects in the Muslim World

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Hadithers and Present Day Quranists are Deviant Sects in the Muslim World

Hadithers and Present Day Quranists are Deviant Sects in the Muslim World

The Qur’an commands us to use “the Creeds of Abraham” (Qur’an 2:130) and the worldview teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality), (Qur’an 2:27, 13:21) to establish the Divine System, not Lughatul Qur’an (Arabic language of Qur’an) or Hadith.

According to these teachings of the Qur’an, all Apostles of God (10:47, 16:36) were given exactly the “same” knowledge of the Divine System (Qur’an 42:13) in their own language (Qur’an 14:4) with strict instructions not to “divide therein”.

“No Prophet was allowed to say or do anything which was not revealed to him” (Qur’an 6:50, 10:15, 53:3, 69:43-46), and “nothing was said to Prophet Muhammad (s) which was not said to all Apostles that came before him” (Qur’an 41:43).

Therefore, all Apostles of God “belonged to one community” (Qur’an 23:52-53) in the midst of all their diverse God-given sights, sounds (Qur’an 49:13), holy rites, ceremonies (Qur’an 22:34, 22:67), church/mosque (22:40, 72:18), Books and Prophets of God.

Here we have ample room to integrate and assimilate with all the God-given sights, sounds, holy rites, etc, in their pure form. Therefore, when Muslims go to the West in large numbers to settle there as immigrants, it is wrong for them to invade the streets of their new found land with their long beards, kurtha, hijab, niqab, etc, and their skyline with the domes and minarets of their mosques.

Likewise, the Qur’an (6:74-79, 30:30, 6:58, 45:2-11) persuades us to relate our human way of life to the Laws of Nature and the wider Universe with the Guidance of God. For example, sun, moon, stars, mountains, trees, etc, do not “worship” God. They “serve” Him for the purpose He created them. Therefore, humans as “vicegerents” of God are required to “serve” God not “worship” Him. In the same way, the Qur’an (Word of God) in the context of God’s Work in Nature does not advocate “male and female circumcision”. In Bible (Romans 2:28-29, 2Erza 1:31 Torah, Jeremiah 9:25-26), God said, “I have Forsaken your Circumcision” for the Circumcision of the Heart, not the Flesh.

Similarly, the Qur’an (7:29) persuades us to believe that the “salaat” is not a “prayer” but a “pledge” to God that we will function in all aspects of our lives, individually and collectively, according to the Word of God Alone, and no other word of man. And by “bowing” or by “bowing and prostrating” we submit ourselves sincerely to the “pledge”.

This means that a Christian who is reading the true Word of God from the Bible in a slightly “bowing” position is making exactly the same “pledge” a Muslim is making by reciting the Qur’an and “bowing and prostrating”. Henceforth, if the “salaat” was a “prayer” it would be a Christian “prayer” and a Muslim “prayer” and furthermore, a Sunni and a Shia “prayer” or a Shafi and a Hanafi “prayer”, which are performed in different mosques. This is completely against the teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality) in the Qur’an.

Therefore, the real purpose of Islam is to establish one Standard way of life (AdDeeni Haneefan) for all the people of this world, both secular and religious, and one spiritual Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Mankind in the midst of all their diverse sights, sounds, holy rites, ceremonies, church/mosque, Books and Prophets of God according to the Creeds of Abraham and the worldview teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality).

The Hadithers need to know that all Prophets that came before Prophet Muhammad (s) performed their “salaat” in the same way. For example, on Yom Kippur, Jews “pray” like Muslims “pray” and that Jesus “fell on his face” when he prayed. The Prophet Muhammad (s) and early Muslims knew exactly how all the followers of Abraham “prayed”. For 14 years they faced Jerusalem when they performed their “salaat” until the Qibla was changed to Masjid Al Haraam.

Therefore, in Qur’an (4:101-102), when Allah told the Prophet (s) to “shorten” his “salaat” when “travelling”, the Prophet (s) knew exactly what Allah was telling him. Likewise, when Allah told him that when he “stands in salaat” to “lead them”, he should let “half” the soldiers to perform the first rakaat of “salaat” with him and after the “prostration” of the first rakaat was over, they should be replaced with the second lot of soldiers to stand with him to complete the second rakaat.

If you read more Posts like this in my Website, you will surely declare that Bukhari and the other writers of Hadith had absolutely no idea what was written in the Qur’an. And all their followers of all sects are like a donkey “which carries a load of books on its back and does not know what is written in them” (Qur’an 62:5, 31:19).

The Quranists are no better than the Hadithers. They do not believe that the Divine System constitutes the Creeds of Abraham, which demands a “restrictive definition” of the secular and religion, and the worldview teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality). They think that if they believe in the Creeds of Abraham, they will have to “circumcise” and perform “salaat” like the Hadithers.

Likewise, they have no idea that the Qur’an does not accept any human Speech and Knowledge, which does not intersect the secular and religious. For example, according to the teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality), the Bible (Genesis 1.2) states that the world was a “water world” (no mountains, dry land, sun light, vegetation, etc.) when God chose it to settle all life form on it. In Qur’an (41:10), God states that He took 4 God Days (4000 earth years) to create the dry land, mountain, etc, to sustain all life forms He was going to create on the Earth. And to further secure it, He adorned the lower heaven with light (moon and stars) and provided it with a “protected ceiling” in 2 God Days (2000 earth years), (Qur’an 41:12, 21:32). Likewise, in the intersection of the secular and religion, the Quranists fail to believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus, in Jinns, the creation of Adam “from sounding clay” (Qur’an 15:26), etc.

Abraham did not recite the Shahada to become a Muslim (Submitter to the Guidance of God). He became Muslim by embracing the Divine System (Qur’an 2:127-132). Hence, in this world our aim should be to establish the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Mankind, like did all the Apostles of all nations and tribes, in the midst of all their diverse God-given sights, sounds, holy rites, ceremonies, etc, so that we may co-exist peacefully with one another here and in the hereafter.

My only reason for getting involved in this spat with the Hadithers and Quranists is due to a dream which I had when I was 12-13 years old. In the dream I saw myself travelling in a train in a very barren and hilly land, and when I reached the Roza Mubarak of Prophet Muhammad (s), my body got elongated like a three story building and I saluted the Prophet (s) like a soldier salutes his Commander-in-chief. At the end of the dream a loud voice called out to me not to say anybody about this dream. This dream happened in exactly the same way three days in succession. Now, at the age of 80, I thought I should give the Message which Allah had inspired me to give.



  • May I just say what a relief to find someone who genuinely knows what theyre discussing on the internet. You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people have to look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised youre not more popular because you most certainly have the gift.

  • Next time I read a blog, I hope that it wont fail me just as much as this particular one. I mean, Yes, it was my choice to read, however I actually believed you would have something useful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of moaning about something you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

  • Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It is the little changes that will make the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mohammed says:

    Wow. This is some good stuff. How do we learn more? But if it’s not hadithers and not quranists when what is it called? And what is the creed build on? Coz if it’s just quran then it is quranist. If it if quran and Hadith then it is hadither. I would like some detail. Quite intriguing

    • Abdool Sayed says:

      My Website link is https://postmodernreligion.com
      You will find more Blog Posts like this. Your comments make me feel my work is not in vain. Thank you.

    • AK SAYED says:

      Sorry first time round I did not read your full message. At 81 I am using a Website of my own for the first time. I will have to get used to using it. The “present day” Quranists are followers of Parvez. They are using Lughatal Quran and Tasreef to establish the Divine System. All Prophets used the Creeds of Abraham and the worldview teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality) to establish the Divine System. These teachings of the Qur’an contain the philosophical knowledge of the Qur’an (ilm-ul-Kalam), which Parvez has failed to acknowledge. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the Prophet Muhammad (s) used Tasreef because the Qur’an was revealed to him over 63 years. My interpretation of the Qur’an is based on my knowledge of the philosophical knowledge of the Quran.

  • AK SAYED says:

    Sorry for the mistake. The Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s) over 23 years, not 63.

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