Get to know the Post Modern Religion's Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  ABDOOL KADER SAYED was born in Glencoe in South Africa on the 23 rd November 1941. In his youth, he was a founder member and secretary of the Muslim Youth Movement (MYM, Tongaat) and secretary and trustee of the Buffelsdale Muslim Society in Tongaat (KZN).

In 1961 and then for the next 18 years he was employed at the South African Sugar Association Experiment Station at Mount Edgecombe (KZN), first working in the Agronomy department and then in the Biometrics, computer and records department. During the 1980’s he owned a chain of bakeries. Furthermore, during the last 40 years, Mr Sayed has written numerous letters defending Islam in the mass media. Some of the letters are entitled:  “Islam is compatible with democracy”, “Islam is less flawed than the constitution of South Africa”, “All fundamentalism is evil”, “Godless science is an impaired vision”, “South Africa’s diversity is its strength”.

In addition, Mr Sayed has lived through the apartheid era and also witnessed the making of the new rainbow nation. Thus, he has a very broad and deep knowledge and experience of science, religion, politics and business, which inspired him to perceive the post-modern way of life that is found in the Faith of Abraham.