Every time the knowledge of science and religion intersect,
they increase my faith in the Bible and the Qur’an ever more
than before.
For example, in 2021, a scientist in Harvard University
explained why he believed the planet Earth was a “water
world” with no dry land, mountain, vegetation, etc, about 4-5
billion years ago.
Until then, I had no doubt, according the Bible (Genesis 1:2-
12) and the Qur’an (41:9-12, 51:47, 21:30-33), that the
“universe is expanding”, the Big Bang did happen and that the
planet Earth was a “water world” about 4-5 billion years ago,
with no sunlight, dry land, mountains, vegetation, drinking
water etc.
From all these verses of the Bible and the Qur’an, it is easy to
conclude that God created the sunlight to evaporate some
water from the Earth in order to expose the dry land and that
after that He created the mountains (Qur’an 78:6-7, 15:19,
21:31, 79:32), drinking water, vegetation, etc, to sustain all
life form He was going to create on the planet earth. The
Qur’an states that it took Him 4 God Days (4000 years) to do
And then it took Him another 2 God Days (2000 years) to
divide the Sky into seven firmaments and adorn the lower
heaven with the light of the moon and stars, and establish a
protective covering over it (Qur’an 41:12, 21:32).
Thus, it took God 6 God Days (6000 years) to prepare the
planet Earth and the lower heaven to sustain all life form God
was going to create on the planet Earth. This did not include
the 8 billion years or so after the Big Bang took place and 4-5

billion years after the preparation of the lower heaven to
sustain all life form which God was going to create on the
planet Earth. Hence, all other teachings of the 6 Days or 6 Eras
and Eons of creation are conjecture.
From these verses of the Bible and the Qur’an, it seems that
God plotted the genetics of all plant and animal life in an
evolutionary manner. Hence, He could produce all plant life
within the 4000 years He took to create the sunlight, dry land,
mountains, etc. But He could not do so with animals because in
the food chain pattern He had to flourish one species of
creation and its varieties before He created the next species.
The Qur’an (41:11, 21:30) seem to state that our Universe
[Sky and earth in “smoke” (interstellar dust and gas) form]
existed “eternally” as “one entity” and God separated them by
condensing the “smoke” and exploding it to cause the Big
Bang. Hence, all other knowledge of the state of the Universe
before the Big Bang took place is conjecture.
The Bible and Qur’an are here to establish the Truth and
Reality of all issues of our lives, both secular and religious.
Although there are many defects in their translations and
interpretations, they do explain that the dichotomy of the
secular and religious is a man-made diversity and that all
extremists and fundamentalist teachings within and between
them which make separate and exclusive are conjecture.
In my book POSTMODERN RELIGION “A Restrictive Definition
of Secular and Religion”, I explain why all knowledge of
science, religion, culture, politics, etc, which does not intersect
the knowledge of the secular and religious like I have done in
this Post is conjecture. It begins with the premise that the Laws
of Nature and wider Universe and all things associated with it
are the only Truth and Reality there is.