I am a Muslim and I am not in the least happy that Christians
are leaving their Religion in large numbers for Atheism or for
other Religions. As a “vicegerent” of God, it is my duty, not
only to take care of the environment, the oppressed and the
needy, but also to see that none of the languages, culture,
traditions, religions, race, nations, etc, and also plant and
animal life become extinct. This tragedy of the Christians
leaving Christianity for Atheism and other Religions is
happening because both orthodox Christianity and
“progressive” Christianity are far removed from the Truth and
Reality of the Abrahamic Faith. They need to be SAVED in their
pure form for many different reasons.
In this respect, I would like to begin by saying that God gave
all the nations of this world (Qur’an 10:47, 16:36) exactly the
“same” knowledge of the Divine System (Qur’an 42:13, 29:46)
in the midst of all their God-given Diversities of sight and
sound (Qur’an 49:13, 14:4), holy rites and ceremonies (Qur’an
22:34, 22:67), churches and mosques (Qur’an 72:18, 22:40),
and Books and Prophets, in their pure forms. This Diversity is
also found in the different way God revealed the knowledge of
the Divine System to them. For example, Moses spoke directly
to God, Jesus received it in the womb of his mother and
Prophet Muhammad received it through Archangel Gabriel.
“Nothing was said to Prophet Muhammad (s) which was not
said to all Apostles that came before him” (Qur’an 41:43). And
those who submit to such a way of life, namely Islam
(Submission) are called Muslim. Jesus was one of them.
And in order “not to divide therein” (Qur’an 42:13) all Apostles
of God (including Jesus) were given strict instructions “not to
say or do anything which was not revealed to them” (Qur’an
6:50, 10:15, 53:3 and 69:43-46). Therefore, it is against the

Divine System to make the recorded sayings and doings of
their Prophets and saints, which do not collaborate with the
Revealed Knowledge of the Divine System, which was given to
them. These include man-written scriptures such as the
Talmud, the dogma and doctrines of the Christian Church,
Hadith, etc. For example, Qur’an (Word of God) in the context
of God’s Work in Nature and wider universe does not advocate
“male/female circumcision”. Therefore, to make it an injunction
of the Divine System by saying that it is the Sunnah of Prophet
Muhammad (s) is a lie.
Unfortunately, in the Christian Faith, the problem of the
intellectuals among them is that they cannot reconcile with the
teachings of Trinity and the emotional among them cannot
reconcile with the teaching of LOVE (of those who reject the
LGBT+ community). As far as the teachings of Trinity is
concerned there are many verses in the New Testament like
“the Father is greater than I” and “that Day nobody knows, not
even the angels in Heaven nor the Son, only the Father knows”
and the death of Jesus on the cross stating very clearly that
the Father and Son are not Co-Equal, Co-Eternal and ONE.
The reason why the Church has found it difficult to reject the
teachings of Trinity in the presence of such a stark reality of
the Bible itself was given in the Time Magazine in the seventies
when a Bishop in a World Council of Churches meeting
complained that he could not say and do what Jesus said and
did because Jesus was “the Son of God” and he (the Bishop)
was not. This complaint of the Bishop was titled “The Myth of
God Incarnate” in the back page of the Time Magazine. When
the Time Magazine approached the Hierarchy of the Church,
they said they could not do anything about it because all the
dogmas and doctrines of the Christian Church were so closely
intertwined and interknitted that if they rejected Trinity, all the
dogmas and doctrines of the Church would collapse. Hence,
they were stuck with the lie and intelligent people who could

not reconcile with it were left with no option but to leave the
Likewise, the teaching of LOVE was also exaggerated by the
adherents of the Christian Church. It was taught out of context
with the BELIEF system of the Abrahamic Faith as a whole. For
example, Noah taught BELIEF in ONE GOD (Monotheism).
Abraham taught that if one wished to reconcile Faith with
Works one had to SACRIFICE one’s wealth, health, pleasure,
etc, to do so. Likewise, Moses taught the COMMANDMENTS,
Jesus LOVE and Muhammad UNITY (peace upon them all).
Hence, all the true teachings of the Abrahamic Faith developed
as follows:
Noah: B
Abraham: B + S
Moses: B + S + C
Jesus: B + S + C + L
Muhammad: B + S + C + L + U
Therefore, according to the BELIEFS of the five major Prophets
of the Abrahamic Faith, the teachings of LOVE does not mean
that “Jesus LOVED us so much that he came to live with us” or
to “die on the cross for our sins” and/or to LOVE the LGBT+
community as an Article of their Faith. Neither Jesus nor the
other Prophets accepted such a concept of LOVE in the
Abrahamic Faith. They all adhered strictly to the Guidance of
God. Therefore, in the context of all the Abrahamic Faiths, the
teaching of LOVE in the Christian Faith actually meant LOVE
the Guidance of God for the LOVE of God and humanity.
Therefore, in this Post, I am begging my Christian brothers and
sisters not to leave their Religion for Atheism or by converting
to other Religions but to abolish the false teachings of Trinity
and LOVE and give us the true teachings of Jesus in the midst

of all their God-given Diversities of sight/sound, holy
rites/ceremonies, church/mosque, Book and Prophet in their
pure form. Would the world not be more admirable, beautiful
and exciting to live in if all of us practiced exactly the “same”
Divine System with all our God-given Diversities in their pure
form? This would give us the privilege to marry people of all
Religions without committing LOVE JIHAD or without converting
our spouse and the agony of losing our families and friends in
the process.
For me, as a Muslim, it is very important that Christianity
exists in its pure form with all its God-given Diversities. For
example, the Qur’an (2:4) exhorts me to “believe in the Qur’an
and all the Revelations that came before the Qur’an in the
Abrahamic Faiths”. There were many reasons why I found this
useful. The Bible gave me the historical sequence and
genealogy of the different Prophets, which is not found in the
Qur’an. Likewise, the Bible gave me some detailed knowledge
of the creation which I could not find in the Qur’an. For
example, in Genesis (1:1-12), the Bible stated that in the
beginning the planet Earth was “formless and empty” meaning
no sunlight, dry land, mountains, rain water, vegetation, etc.
This information of the Genesis also led me believe that when
God created the sun it evaporated some of the water to expose
the dry land. And when in Qur’an (41:10) God said, “He
created the mountains and the vegetation”, all this knowledge
of the Qur’an with reference to the Bible made great sense to
me. And when in 2021, a scientist in Harvard University
explained why the planet Earth was a “water world” with no dry
land, mountain, etc, about 4-5 billion years ago, it made me
brave enough not to accept any knowledge of science, religion,
culture, politics, etc, which did not intersect the knowledge of
the secular and the religious according to the Bible and the

In the same way, as a Quranist, I required the Revealed
knowledge of the Bible as a neutral and universal source to
settle some of my beliefs in the Qur’an with some of my
Quranists friends who did not believe in the Virgin Birth of
Jesus, the rituals of three Salats, the creation of Adam from
“moulded clay”, etc. They said that the Bible was totally
corrupt and unreliable, and that my belief in the Virgin Birth of
Jesus, the rituals of Salat, the creation of Adam from “moulded
clay” was just as corrupt.
But when I read the Qur’an, I do not find any of these issues
totally corrupt in the Bible. For example, if you read surah
Maryam (surah 19: verses 12-34) of the Qur’an, it is so clear
that Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus. For
example, when the angel gave Mary the “good news of a son”,
she said, “How can I have a son when no man has touched
me”. The angel said, “So (it will be): Your Lord says, ‘that is
easy for Me’ and ……” Likewise, the rest of her story in the
Qur’an substantiates the Virgin Birth of Jesus”. In the same
way, I was sure that Salat was ritual prayer because all
Prophet of the Old and New Testaments “fell on their face and
prayed” like Muslims pray, and in Qur’an (3:59) Allah stated,
“The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He
created him from dust, then said to him: ‘Be’. And he was”.
Unfortunately, my Quranists friends are greatly influenced by
their modernist, secularist, feminist and liberalistic world. That
is why they feel ashamed to believe in angels, jinns, Virgin
Birth of Jesus, Creationism, taking more than one wife during
peace time, etc. Hence, their Faith in the knowledge of the
Qur’an is very weak. They do not know that the division of the
secular and religious and all extremists and fundamentalist
teachings within and between the secular and religion, which
make them separate and exclusive, are man-made. And in
addition to this, they do not know that in Islam, the Laws of
Nature and the wider universe and all things associated with it,

is the only Truth and Reality there is. This includes God as
Creator, free of all dogmas and doctrines of Religion; His
Guidance in the context of the Laws of Nature and the wider
universe, and the secular and scientific nature of the creation.
Had they known all this, they would have openly declared
without any fear that all knowledge of science, religion, culture,
politics, etc, which did not intersect the knowledge of the
secular and religion, was conjecture.
Hence, in conclusion to this Post, I would appeal to all the
Christians who have left Christianity for Atheism and other
Religions to “come back home” to establish the one Standard
way of life that God wants us to establish for all of humanity in
the midst of all our God-given Diversities of sight/sounds, holy-
rites/ceremonies, churches/mosques, Books and Prophets in
their pure form. At this present moment in our history, where
there is so much confusion and conflict in what we believe in
both the secular and religious world, the Christians are in the
best position to eliminate all the differences between the
secular and religious according to the Creeds of Abraham and
the worldview teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality)
which are found in the Bible and the Qur’an, not only to bring
about the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Mankind but also the
much needed Peace and happiness we so desire in our present
The reason why you should listen to me and trust me for what
I am saying is because when I was 12-13 years old God gave
me a Sign that he had chosen me to tell you exactly how you
should understand the Divine System according to the Bible
and the Qur’an in this day and age. The Sign was in the form of
a dream which happened in exactly the same way three nights
in succession. In the dream I saw myself travelling in a train in
a very mountainous and barren land and when I reached the
Roza Mubarak (mausoleum) of Prophet Muhammad (s) in
Madinah (Saudi Arabia), my body got elongated like a three
story and I saluted the Prophet Muhammad (s) like a soldier
salutes his Commander-in-Chief”. At the end of the dream a

loud voice told me not to say the dream to anyone. Now that I
am 81 years old, seeing the confusion and conflict of all
knowledge in both the secular and religious world, I am
inspired to teach what God has inspired me to teach. The
Qur’an (28:56) states, “…Allah guides those whom He will and
He knows best those who receive guidance”.
AK Sayed
Website: https://postmodernreligion.com