In all Religions, there are certain Universal Declarations, which
Atheists, Secularists and Liberalists cannot challenge. We are
required to use the Universal Declarations to unite the Church
and the State and solve all the problems of Secularism,
Religion, Ethnicity and Nationalism we are facing these days. In
this respect, some of the Universal Declarations or
Foundational Teachings of Secular and Religion are as follows:
 There are many Truth Seekers in the Western world who
have come to the conclusion that Prophet Muhammad (s)
is the only one in history who was “most extremely
successful in both the secular and religious levels”. Among
them are Michael H Hart, Rev Bosworth Smith, Alphonso
De Lamartine, Sir Bernard Shaw, Napoleon Bonaparte and
many others.
 This knowledge of the intersection of the Secular and
Religion or “restrictive definition” of secular and religion
applies to all the Religions of the world because God gave
exactly the “same” knowledge of the Divine System
(Qur’an 42:13) to all the nations of the world (Qur’an
10:47, 16:36) in their own language (Qur’an 14:4).
“Nothing was said to Prophet Muhammad which was not
said to Apostles that came before him”, (Qur’an 41:43).
And “no Prophet was permitted to say or do anything
which was not revealed to him”, (Qur’an 6:50, 10:15,
53:3, 69:43-46) for the sake of unity and universality.
 Likewise, in all Religions, we are persuaded to believe that
the Laws of Nature and the wider universe and all things
associated with it are the only Truth and Reality there is.
This includes God as Creator, free of all dogmas and
doctrines of Religion; His Guidance in the context of the

Laws of Nature and the wider universe; the Laws of
Physics and Mathematics which the Creator did use to
create the Universe, and not any Religion which cannot be
reduced to Truth and Reality in this way
 In addition to this, the Qur’an (3:83, 45:2-6) states that
the secular, scientific and material nature of the creations
reflects the Creator’s Way of Life “Deen of Allah”. Hence,
God did not ordain any Religion, which is divisive, cause
for hate and war and against reason. His existence and
Guidance in the context of the Laws of Nature and the
wider Universe is Truth and Reality, which has nothing to
do with Religion. Therefore, all Books of God demand a
“restrictive definition” of Secular and Religion, where all
knowledge of science, religion, culture, politics, etc, which
does not intersect the knowledge of the secular and
religious is considered conjecture.
 Basically, the Bible and Qur’an are of the opinion that we
are on an Eternal Journey through this Earth and that in
order to attain Everlasting Peace, both in this world and
the Hereafter, we are required to learn Eternal Truth and
Reality in all human Speech and Knowledge, otherwise our
Eternal Journey through this world would be Meaningless.
It is like saying that if AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not
programmed with the Guidance of Revealed Knowledge it
will fail to distinguish Truth from Falsehood and right from
From these points of view, the Western Christian world is closer
to the Creator’s Way of Life than the Muslim world (Qur’an
30:30, 22:18, 45:2-6). Like King Solomon (Qur’an 34:13,
27:31-35), the Western Christian world also has the political
and military power to go with its secular, scientific and material
way of life. The only thing it lacks is the True Knowledge of the
Divine System. Since all Prophets received exactly the “same”
knowledge of the Divine System, the Western Christian world
has the infallible Word of God in the Arabic language of the

Qur’an to correct their Belief System, especially that of Trinity
and homosexuality, which has left many Christians with no
option but to abandon the Church.
Unfortunately, the Muslim world does not follow the “Deen of
Allah”, which is secular, scientific and material. They have done
exactly the opposite. They have made Islam a ritualistic
religion based on the 7 th century Arab culture off Hadith, which
God did not ordain. Hence, they have compromised all the
knowledge of Islam to a point of no return. For example, if you
tell them that the knowledge of the Qur’an Alone is enough and
that you do not require the Hadith to explain the Divine
System, they will not agree. Likewise, they will not give up
their sectarian beliefs and so on. It is now impossible for them
to return to their former glory in the face of all the
technological, scientific, political and military advancement the
western world is making.
Hence, Muslims have no other option but to do what Salman
bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is doing in Saudi Arabia. Develop
according to the secular, scientific and material way of life
according to the Creeds of Abraham and the worldview
teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality) in the most
democratic manner without compelling anyone to do so
according to the methodology of the Qur’an (2:256, 6:104,
6:107, 18:29 and 10:99).
Therefore, under the circumstances, it is against the Divine
System for Muslim and Christian political and religious leaders
to march in support of LGBT+ Rights like many Muslim and
Christian political and religious leaders are doing in the
Western world. Instead, they are required to run the Church
and State according to their Scriptures and not let the
minorities dictate to them how to do so, in the most democratic
way without “compulsion or coercion” like I have stated in the
previous paragraph?

Likewise, converting the Christian West to a ritualistic religious
way of life based on 7 th century Arab culture of Hadith is
contrary to God’s Way of Life “Deen of Allah”. Worse still,
depriving them of their God-given sight/sound (national
identity, culture, etc, Qur’an 49:13), holy rites and ceremonies
(Qur’an 22:34, 22:67), place of worship (Qur’an 22:40, &2:18)
and Book of God (Qur’an 2:4), after converting them, is a
I have explained this Truth and Reality of Islam (Submission to
Guidance of God) in great detail in the latest Edition of my
book titled POSTMODERN RELIGION with subtitle “A Restrictive
Definition of Secular and Religion”, which is not only desirable
to understand the Bible and the Qur’an, but also to define the
boundaries of Truth and Falsehood in Religion, Secularism,
Liberalism, Conservatism, Free Speech, Politics, Science, etc.
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